North America


North America is a subcontinent comprising the northern portion of the American continent . There are two ways of classifying this continent : the first considers that North America is just the northernmost part of America, separated from Central America on the border between Mexico and Guatemala , the second classification only recognizes a North America and an America do Sul , drawing the boundary at the Isthmus of Panama (sometimes at the Panama Canal , sometimes at the border between Panama and Colombia). By the latter definition, North America would include Continental and Insular Central America ( Caribbean ).

In fact, North America sits on its own tectonic plate the North American Plate (which also covers part of eastern Asia ) — while Central America, south of the Yucatan Peninsula , sits on the Caribbean Plate .

The subcontinent is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean , to the east by the Atlantic Ocean , to the south by Central America (or South America, whichever definition you choose). by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea and to the west by the Pacific Ocean . It also includes, in addition to the mainland, Greenland (the largest island in the world), Newfoundland , the Canadian Arctic Archipelago , the Aleutians , Vancouver Island , the Queen Charlotte Islands and a myriad of other islands, scattered across theseas that surround it.

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